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Landscaping Services in Boulder, Colorado

Our Services Include:


Complete Property Maintenance


Sprinklers and Irrigation


Landscape Design and Construction


Outdoor Lighting


Snow Removal and Plowing


Holiday Lighting Design and Install


Firewood for Sale and Delivery


Frequently Asked Questions


What type of equipment will be used?

Basic Blowers, Trimmers, Commercial Grade, walk behind mowers. We use battery powered & propane powered equipment too. Providing the professional look you expect from a lawn service & helping cut back on emissions.

Are you insured?

Yes! insured / bonded / workmans comp.

How long have you been in business?

10 years! in Boulder, CO

Do we need to sign a contract for residential lawn service?

No. simple verbal agreement

How do we get billed?

Monthly Invoices delivered to your home or same day billing for 1 time service

What if it rains on our mowing day?

We will resume mowing on the next nice day.

Are the weekly visits on the same day?

Yes, same day. Our schedule is prompt and dependable

Can you provide 1 time mowing?

Yes. We offer 1 time mowing services & clean/up..etc.

Do you guarantee your work?


What if I have questions, specific details or problems?

Please Call with any questions, requests or concerns

Do we need to be home during service?

No. Our schedule is the same every week. You never need to be home

How much do you charge?

Please call for a free estimate. We have weekly service starting at $25 per service

Will the same crew service our yard each time?

Yes. in most cases..Sometimes year to year

We have pets, is that a problem?

No problem at all. If the pets are cool with us...we're cool with pets!

Do you work on sprinklers?

Yes we do! sprinkler system service/repairs + installation

Why do we need a sprinkler system?

Our arid climate makes watering without a system difficult and time consuming. Additionally, sprinklers are a valued, attractive investment.

Why use a "professional service?"

Better equipment, sharper blades, detailed edging & clean-up. Worry Free

Do you provide commercial property maintenance?

Yes we do! Call for a free consultation

Can you Re Design our landscape?

We would love to provide you a unique, custom, 1 of a kind design! So, YES!

What do you do in winter?

We offer Holiday lighting installation, Snow Removal & even hardscape projects during our mild winter weeks

You sell Firewood?

Yes, we do sell firewood. black walnut, locust, elm, ash, maple, pine, russian olive. Delivery & Stacking. Oak is also available

Why choose Boulder Lawns?

Its locally owned & operated in Downtown Boulder. Honest, Dependable, Affordable

For a complete property maintenance, contact Boulders Lawn to schedule a free consultation with one of our professional experts.