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Eco-Friendly Lawn Service in Boulder, Colorado

At Boulder Lawns, we offer clean burning equipment that is none toxic to you or the environment, meets and exceeds strict EPA emission standards. With our propane trimmers, battery powered mowers, blowers, as well as using a natural gas lawncrew truck, our professional staff will assist with making your lawn beautiful while all while keeping the air clean.
Giving a professional look to your lawn, with our quality work and reasonable prices from a lawn care service, Boulder Lawns is the company to call for all your lawn needs.

Organic Fertilizer

Boulder Lawns not only uses eco-friendly equipment that is safe to use, but we also use organic fertilizer that will help your lawn grow greener and more fuller. Here are a few fertilizers that we use for our organic fertilizers on:

• Over-Seeding


• Seasonal Programs


• Organic Weed Control Options


• Compost Tea Applications


• Aeration / Thatching


• Crab Grass / Bindweed Control Options


Please call us for information regarding Organic Fertilizers. Fertilizers made in Colorado, for Colorado