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With over 20 years experience in the Landscape Industry, combined with exceptional customer service, Boulder Lawns has become one of Boulder County's most popular landscape services.
Our goal, at Boulder Lawns, is to provide practical, sustainable ideas and solutions for your property. We work your agenda, getting a feel for your ideas, tastes and expectations. Our responsibility to our customers is what makes Boulder Lawns unique. We provide the best product lines and personnel for the job. Our success in Boulder is directly linked to our dedication to our clients. When we show up to start a project, it's our top priority!
Based in Downtown Boulder for over 10 years. We look forward to continually providing a friendly, courteous service for years to come.
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We recently had Boulder Lawns install a new sprinkler system and sod. The yard looks great! They have been very professional in every way. They showed up to start the work when scheduled, and completed the job quickly. They also provided excellent advice on the design and layout of the system. A few weeks after they finished the job we had a small leak at one of the connection joints. I called Boulder Lawns, and a few hours later they had it fixed (and it was on the weekend). I should also mention they were very competitive in the bid they provided. Fair price, great service, awesome lawn!
- MB C.
I was recently visiting my brother that lives in the Boulder area and I was so impressed that I had to leave a comment for this guy's company. My brother was getting a new law sodded (or something like that) but he was also getting a sprinkler system installed. I busted my leg so I was off my feet the whole time, just relaxing on the veranda. The whole time I was staying there I watched Boulder Lawns do their job on the lawn. I don't know anything about landscaping, I do know about hard work, efficient customer service and what a happy client looks like. All this happened. Joe, the owner was their everyday overseeing his crew and I got to see them in action. Joe would give a daily report to my brother about what they did, how they did it, he gave everything straight to my brother even when they hit a snag having nothing to do with their work(it was a city issue) but they worked around it. The point is, they were open, they did the job on time, and from what my brother told me the price was very reasonable. I live in Boston, but this time I spent with my brother in Colorado witnessing hard working Americans doing a job they love and doing it well compelled me to write a review. So, if I ever own a lawnmower here in Boston, I will give Boulder Lawns a call for any tips.
- Robert F.
The Boulder Lawns mowing crew is superb! For over 10 years they've mowed our lawn on the same day of the week, Thursdays. Reliability is what we count on! We have weekend BBQ's often and the lawn always look perfect. Joe has also serviced our sprinkler system for just as many years. Fair Pricing & honest service is what we've come to expect from them. We would highly recommend using them for any services they offer. The best leaf clean-up we have ever had too!
- Cindy M.
Boulder Lawns has helped us for years -sprinklers, etc. - and they are always punctual, friendly, and knowledgeable. Good guys. I wouldn't think of using anyone else.
- Ted R.
They have provided weekly lawn service as well as sprinkler maintenance for us for the last few years. They have always been very responsive and do great work at a fair price.
- Greg M.
BEST in CO! They use green trucks, and I have found them to be very reliable. Their WEEKLY mowing and cleanups keep my lawn looking beautiful. They make it super easy for me to just enjoy spring and summer entertaining ... I live alone and love that my lawn is one less thing I need to worry about.
- Rhonda L.